Company History

The National Company “Unifarm” S.A. has over 77 years of experience in the national and international industry.
It is one of the main pharmaceutical supplies distributors in Romania.


To prevent the lack of medicinal products in the national distribution network of Romanian Ministry of Health.
To support the social health programs implemented by the Romanian Ministry of Health.

Main Activities

The main goal of National Company “Unifarm” S.A. is to provide an uninterrupted supply of medicine, vaccines and serums, along with medical equipment manufactured either locally or imported.
A strong collaboration with the Romanian Ministry of Health supporting the social health programs implemented and financed by it, according to Law No. 100/1998


The National Company “Unifarm” S.A. has gained ISO 9001:2008 Certification regarding Quality Management System, from German Organization TUV Profi Cert of TUV Hessen.

To store the medicines in a suitable environment with a cutting-edge technology for monitoring and controlling the temperature and humidity as well as the physical access, is an essential concern that we deal with as well as being able to provide special delivery services for our clients.
With continuous investments, we managed to acquire the best solutions for the quality of our services and products.

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate – English

Trade and storage of pharmaceutical products, para-pharmaceuticals and medical devices; Spaces rental.


ISO 9001:2008 Certificate – German

Lagerung und Vermarktung von pharmazeutischen, parapharmazeustichen Produkten und medizinischen Geraten; Vermietung von Grundflachen.



Pharmacovigilance Department

Our Company's medical department is providing an additional service, “Pharmacovigilance", having as main duties the consumer’s education regarding the responsible use of medicine, along with the full description of the products promoting this way a safer, user-friendly and low-risk environment for the consumers.

Details and Information

If you need to obtain any information about the safe using of any of our products, please contact our qualified pharmacist using any of the provided contacts below.

Pharmacovigilance Department Contact

Farm. Ancuta Marilena Baibarac
Pharmacist in charge of Pharmacovigilance

Tel: (004) 0752-265.033
Fax: (004) 0374-091.477

Main Activities of Pharmacovigilance Department

  • Data Collection
    We continuously collect information and feedback from doctors, pharmacists and consumers regarding any side effects, creating this way a detailed portfolio of each product we supply.

  • Data Evaluation
    In this process, we are closely collaborating with the competent authorities which monitor and analyze the information and then processes it into detailed specific reports.

  • Data Analysis
    We provide protocols for safety studies made before the medicine is authorized.

  • Continuous Reporting
    We send acknowledgements to the specialists from Health Area in regard to any relevant safety concerns.

Steps to Report an Adverse Event

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